2019 Lockset Bid

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East Valley School District No. 361 is requesting proposals for interior door locksets, including installation and related hardware, at six locations.  New locksets must compatible with the existing BEST CORMAX key system.

Bidders must attend a mandatory site walkthrough on 1/24/2019 or 1/30/2019.  The walkthrough will begin at 9:00am and will start at Trent Elementary, 3303 N Pines Rd, Spokane Valley WA 99216.  Participants will have an opportunity to visit each sites involved in the RFP.

Proposals are due February 13, 2019 at 3:00pm and will be publicly opened at this time.  Proposals must be submitted to the East Valley School District Administration Office, attention Neale Rasmussen, 3830 N Sullivan Rd Bldg 1, Spokane Valley, WA 99216.

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If there are questions, contact Neale Rasmussen at rasmussenn@evsd.org or 509-241-5042.


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RFP Addendums 

Section 3 of the RFP has been updated.  Please click here for the new version.

Questions and Answers

Q: I am curious what the district is expecting or wanting at the walkthrough.

A: We are planning on visiting all sites that are part of the project so that bidders can accurately plan installation.  There is nothing specific that you need to bring, we just want to make sure that everyone fully understands the scope of the project.

Q: Would I be able to attend both walk throughs just to be thorough?

A: You are welcome to attend both walkthroughs.

Q: I noticed in the bid information that there is not much information on the panic hardware. Is this something we will need to look at each individual opening and take pictures and measurements in order to quote accurately or schedule a time to come look at those when we have a little more time for specifics?

A: We don't have a lot of data on specific panic bars, so you will most likely need to take pictures and/or measurements.  if you don't get what you need during the walkthrough we can schedule an additional time look at specific panic bars. 

Q:  Will we be able to visit each site on same day or on different days – and is there a time frame in which we can visit the schools?

A: We will visit each site during on day on the walkthrough.  The second walkthough will be a repeat of the first day.  After the walkthough bidders can contact the bid contact if they need to schedule further access to the schools.

Q: Will the District be providing a Door survey including Door numbers and Hardware type ie: Mortise, Cylindrical and Panic?

A: Unfortunately we don't have a door survey.  The majority of locksets are mortise and we do have locations for the other types that we will discuss during the walkthrough.  If you don't get all the information that you need during the walkthrough, we can arrange a time for further access to the schools.

Q: 9AM at Trent is the first meeting. Where do we meet there?

A: We will meet in the main entry of the school.

Q: Will the winning bidder be responsible for creating a door schedule and key schedule or will the district provide that in the Best format?

A: The winning bidder would need to create a schedule as part of the project.  

Q: I did not see a door or key schedule as part of the scope of work, can you show where that was by chance?

A: Section 2.2.4 of the RFP  requires that that the record of cores and lockset be loaded into the BEST keystone web software.  We are fine just having the schedule of installed locks and cores and don't specially need a door schedule if it is possible to separate the two items.

Q: Is there an engineers estimate for this project?

A: Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate for this project, but we are conducting a formal bib because we expect that the project will exceed the $300,000 small works roster maximum.

Q: Quick question about your keystone. Need to know what version of software you have? 1 version is a quick upload and if you have the old version, all information must be input by hand in solving hours. 

A: We are currently running version, so uploading should not be an issue.

Q: I would like to know if all the schools will need to be on the same Master & Control key or if each school will have their own master & control key.

A: The schools can share a control key.  We have a district wide master that will open all doors and each site will have a sub master.

Q: I have a question on the doors that you are requesting for the cylindrical locks that you are wanting converted to mortise locks.  I need to know if and how many of these doors are fire rated doors. 

A: The door at EVHS is fire rated but none of the doors at EVMS are not fire rated. 

Q: Do you have a current control key that you would like to be used for the schools we are bidding on & do you know the current keyway of the district wide master & control key?

A; We do have a control key that we would want to use. I know we have a district master key way setup for the schools that we will provide to the successful bidder.   
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