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East Valley School District 361 seeks proposals 24 copy machine leases and maintenance.

5/3/21: Addendum 1 Released
5/12/21 Sample Contract Posted

This addendum changes that staple and hold punch capability for all three requested models.  For all three models the following capability is requested:
The following finishing capability for all the MFD:

Staple functionality for both letter and legal size
Please click here for the full RFP that incorporates Addendum 1. 

Please click here for the original RFP.

Copier Bid Q&A

Q: Can you please confirm if Inter-Local Contracts are acceptable?

A: Piggyback contracts and interlocal agreements are acceptable.  East Valley is currently a member of Omnia, DES/State of Washington, OETC, and KCDA and are willing to consider others but would need to review the contact to ensure that it meets Washington State bid requirements.

Q: Is there a chance that we could get a sample of one of the proximity cards?

A: Please contact Neale Rasmussen directly at to arrange for a sample card.  East Valley uses HID Seos cards (

Q: Are the student IDs part of the Windows Active Directory or are they part of a Google Active Directory?

A: We currently use both Active Directory and Google. The systems are synchronized but ID numbers are stored in AD.

Q: Are students and faculty in the same group?

A: Students and staff are in the same directory.

Q: Do the students have their own badges or do they use student ID numbers to log into devices?

A: We do not currently have a managed print system, so students are not logging into any print devices.  We have also not issued badges to them at this point, but have considered it.  For staff that have badges the badge ID numbers are stored in Active Directory and we would expect that student badge numbers would be stored there as well if we choose to issue badges to students.

Q: Are you using any other single-sign on platforms?

A: Not currently, however we are considering ClassLink and Clever for another project.

Q: How many network HP printers will this effect? Do you want batch release from those printers?

A: It would be a limited number to start.  We are looking for a solution that would to mostly apply to future printer purchases.

Q: How many VoIP or POTS lines? How many pages on average per month are sent or received in the way of FAX?

A: Fax volume is relatively low, but we do still need to maintain fax capability.  I don't currently have any copy counts.  There are probably 5-7 machines that will need single line fax capability.  We are open to exploring other fax options.

Q: Are you using Skyward for your backend student management software? If so, we have some integration possibilities.

A: East Valley does use Skyward.

Q.  100 Sheet Stapling on MFD 3. Does this mean you are requiring 100 sheets to be stapled all at once in one packet?

A: All units need stapling capability, but with Addendum 1 removed any specific capacities.

Q. Proposals must include sales tax. Do you need property tax included or only sales tax?

A: Schools in Washington are not sales tax exempt, but we typically don't pay property tax.  If any property tax charged to the lessor is being passed on to the District, it should be included in the cost.  The total lease cost should include all costs.

Q. Removal of leased equipment. Do you mean your current leased equipment or whoever is awarded the RFP will be responsible at the end of this 5 year term for removal and return of all equipment?

A; This refers to the removal of the equipment installed as a result of the RFP at end of the 5 year term.

Q: Are you open to receiving two bids from a single vendor? Each would showcase a separate manufacturing partner who incorporates differing print technologies.

A: Vendors can submit multiple bids if they choose.

Q: Do you have the color to monochrome ratios for the sites that are listed for MFD 3?

A: We do not have separate counts of color versus monochrome copies/prints.

Q: In section 3.04 of the RFP you mention a Sample Contract. We don’t see an attachment or appendix with a sample contract. Could you please clarify this for us?

A: The sample contract is available here.

Q; What management utilities are you using for the Chrome OS and IOS devices? Maybe GSuite and JAMF?

A; We are using JAMF for iOS management.  We do currently utilize Chromebooks but want support for them for any future purchases.
Q: Is your IT team utilizing Uniflow at all for managing the existing print fleet?

A: We are not currently utilizing Uniflow.

Q: Based on your print volumes in the 2nd Floor Workroom at the high school (55K and 53K per month) we would like to ask your thoughts on the speed requirements for MFD 2. If 95ppm is the dead set floor we can accommodate. No problem. Having said that, we do feel that our 85ppm product would fit perfectly here based on its recommended monthly volumes and because of the difference in overall cost to the school district.

A: We currently have 95 ppm models, but are willing to consider a 85 ppm model.

Q: A few of the items on the “optional products and services” section of the RFP can be satisfied with Papercut additional add-ons and it would be a significant price reduction in comparison to a new subscription.

In particular, do you have the NG subscription or the MF subscription?  I was also wondering how many years you have left on your current subscription?  If you have the new Server Mobile Print Bundle currently?

Final question, do you have Job Ticketing Print Room add on with your subscription?  Of course things can always be fine tuned to your specific criteria and needs in the future. 

A: We currently have PaperCut NG with the Advanced Print Enablement Pack and are licensed for 9 site servers.  The support contract expires in 2024.   For the purposes of the RFP, please quote new licenses since the RFP does not specify the reuse of the current Papercut subscription.  We don't currently have the job ticketing print room add-on.

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