Dental Plans

Use this link to find your dentist and make sure they are In-Network before choosing a plan.

Full plan details are available on the SEBB website or in the Virtual Benefits Fair.

DeltaCare and Willamette are managed care plans and you have to use dentists that are in network.  If you see a provider outside of the network, the plan will not pay any claims.  Here are the Spokane in-network dentists for each plan (See the provider search for North Idaho locations):

Willamette Dental

Willamette Dental Northpointe 9717 N Nevada
Willamette Dental Spokane Valley 9019 E Mission Avenue
Willamette Dental Coeur d'Alene 943 W Ironwood Drive Suite 200

DeltaCare (Please see the Deltacare site for specialists)

Bright Now Dental 615 N SULLIVAN RD STE B
Bright Now Dental 7407 N Division St Ste K

If you choose Willamette or DeltaCare, you will not be able to see any general dentists other than the offices listed above.

Uniform Dental Plan is administered by Delta Dental and is closest to our current Delta Dental plan.  Its network is Delta Dental PPO (Group 9600).

UDP is a preferred-provider organization (PPO) plan. You can choose any dental provider, and change providers at any time. More than three out of four dentists in Washington State participate with this PPO.

When you see a network provider, your out-of-pocket expenses are generally lower than if you chose a provider who is not part of this network. Under UDP, you pay a percentage of the plan’s allowed amount (coinsurance) for dental services after you have met the annual deductible. UDP pays up to an annual maximum of $1,750 for covered benefits for each enrolled dependent, including preventive visits.