Weather Related School Closures and Delays

Winter weather may bring road and driving conditions that cause changes in the operations of East Valley schools. This includes late starts, early dismissals, and school closures.


We aim to communicate with staff, students, and families about changes in normal school operations by 5:45 am. Sometimes, we may decide the night before and will inform you then.

Closures and delays will be communicated using the following systems:

  • We will send automated emails, voice messages, and text messages.

  • We will announce closures and delays on our app, webpages, and social media. (Facebook & Instagram)

  • We will update our snow line which can be reached at 509.242.SNOW.

  • We will also inform local news organizations.

Inclement Weather Procedures

When snow or inclement weather is in the forecast, we plan to monitor weather and road conditions at night and into the early morning hours.

  • Our Transportation Director and staff drive roads and bus routes to assess conditions.

  • Maintenance staff begins snow removal efforts to clear roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks before students and staff arrive and throughout the school day. NOTE: Despite efforts, our schools may still experience icy spots, so please proceed cautiously!

  • Before deciding, Superintendent Talbott will work with our Transportation Director regarding road and route conditions.

  • Our goal is to keep schools open when it is safe!

On ice and snow, be a penguin!

  • Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles and good treads.

  • Walk like a penguin with arms extended to the side, and feet pointed slightly outward.

  • Use special care when exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support and step down with both feet firmly on the ground.

  • Take short steps and go slowly to maintain a center of gravity.