Medications at School & Health Condition Forms

Washington State law allows for the administration of oral, topical, eye and ear medication
during the school day if the following conditions are met:

1. An authorization form must be completed by the parent and a licensed
health professional for all medications, prescription and over-the-counter

2. Medication must be brought to school by the parent or guardian and
not the student. Medication must be brought to school in the original
container or package and labeled with the student's name, name of
medications, exact dosage, name of licensed health professional, and
the number of days to be given. Pills will need to be broken prior to
being brought to the school for half dosages. The directions on the
authorization form must match the same name of the medication,
dosage and directions on the medication bottle or package.

3. The law allows for students to carry emergency medications during the school day if
the licensed health care professional and parent state this in writing on
the authorization form. The school nurse will also be part of this

4. Students are not allowed to carry any medication during the school
day unless the above conditions are met.