New Hire FAQs

What if I don't sign up for a plan during open enrollment or within 31 days after I am hired?

If you do not signup for benefits, you will be enrolled in the UMP Achieve 1 employee only plan ($33 per month), Uniform dental plan, Metlife vision and you will have to pay the tobacco use surcharge ($25 per month),  You will not be able to make changes, including adding dependents, until the next open enrollment unless you experience a qualifying event.

What do I need to do to enroll myself and any dependents?

You will need to provide eligibility verification documents for all dependents before they can be enrolled on your coverage. Your dependents may include your spouse or state-registered domestic partner, and/or children.  The list of accepted documents are available here:

Can I enroll my spouse or children in dental and vision if I don't enroll them in medical?

You can enroll your dependents in dental and vision without enrolling them in medical.  There is no cost to you to enroll yourself and your dependents in either.

Who is eligible for SEBB benefits?

All employees who are anticipated to work 630 hours in this school year will need to enroll in SEBB.

Can I waive medical insurance?

You can waive medical coverage if you have other employer-based group medical insurance, a TRICARE plan, or Medicare effective January 1, 2020

What happens if I don't provide documents to verify my dependents by the end of my enrollment period?

Your dependents will not be covered under medical, dental or vision insurance and you will not be able to add them until the 2021 open enrollment.